Badge Initiatives

Liberal Arts – Digital Citizenship
Liberal Arts Citizens perceive globally, lead ethically, take initiative, and engage their communities in meaningful ways. The Liberal Arts Citizen badging program is designed to encourage and recognize the actions that demonstrate these values and skills in our Liberal Arts students. Badges in four categories – global perspective, leadership, initiative, and engagement – will help you navigate the opportunities available in the College of the Liberal Arts.

Penn State Libraries – Information Literacy
The Pennsylvania State University Libraries has recently developed a digital badging program to assist learners in enhancing basic skills pertaining to responsible and effective research. The badges are organized into three sets that can be acquired; The Savvy Searcher, Questioner of Information, and Time Management. Each of these badges has a series of sub-badges that can be obtained. If all badges within the series are acquired by an individual, they may be eligible to receive an Uber-Badge in Information Literacy.

Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning
The Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning (IELOL) is a unique blended-learning leadership development program sponsored by Penn State and the Online Learning Consortium (OLC). In its 7th year, IELOL serves the development needs of emerging leaders responsible for a variety of online learning initiatives. Integrating badges as a strategy to recognize specific competencies demonstrated by participants is a critical dimension of the program design. Four badges are being constructed to represent proficiencies gained in various parts of the program. Personal Leadership, Organizational Awareness, Global Awareness, and Leadership Response microcredentials will be available for individuals who demonstrate and document performance outcomes.

Media Commons
Badges will be used by Media Commons to provide a pathway for Penn State students, faculty, and staff to grow their experience with multimedia and new media literacy across skills-based software training, media production opportunities, and workshops on scholarly digital storytelling. Earning Media Commons badges will give continuity to students creating multimedia projects for multiple classes and help them build a portfolio of not only their completed work but also their acquired media creation skills.