Course Badges

College of Education: LDT Design Studio

Design Studio is a graduate course in the Learning, Design, and Technology program at Penn State. Graduate students completing this course choose specific badges, covering a variety of technology-related topics, to complete each semester. Students are grouped into one of four levels: students in level one choose from badges that cover introductory topics, such as basic HTML, Photoshop, and Video Editing skills; students in level two choose badges in a more advanced track, either Flash or HTML5/CSS/Javascript, which introduces them to intermediate level programming concepts; students in level three complete badges related to either Flash Builder or Swift iOS programming; finally, students in level four complete an independent programming project.


Contemporary Skills for Business Professionals 

The Team Builder and Office Productivity badges are the first in a planned series of badges designed to highlight the skills and competencies achieved by students in the World Campus Bachelor of Science in Business program. Specifically, these two badges signify that earners demonstrated targeted leadership and technology skills in BA 321, Contemporary Skills for Business Professionals. They are part of a larger effort to recognize accomplishments across the degree and to provide graduates (and their potential employers) with tangible evidence of their abilities in five key domain areas: effective communication, critical thinking and effective decision making, global and diverse perspectives, teamwork and leadership, and knowledge practice.